Limited Guns

This firearm was design to compete in limited or limited 10 division in USPSA competition. We offer three different models so we can suite the individual to their shooting preference or style.

Limited 5” Gun Full Length Dust Cover

This model has a five inch slide and a bull barrel. This is built on a full length dust cover frame. With the bull barrel and full length dust cover this model will give the customer a heavier firearm to reduce the amount of recoil felt and muzzle rise.


Caliber: 9x19, .40 S&W Weight (empty): 39.1 oz Bbl Length: 5" Overall Length: 8-5/8’’ Capacity:

9x19:  19-23 rounds
.40 S&W:  17-20 rounds

Price: Priced from $3075.00

Limited 6” Gun

This model has a six inch slide and a bushing barrel. This is built on a short standard frame. The six inch slide gives the shooter a longer sight radius. The standard frame and slide lightening gives the shooter a faster transition and shot recovery.


Caliber: 9 x 19, .40 S&W Weight (empty): 37.1 oz Bbl Length: 6" Overall Length: 9-1/2’’ Capacity:

9x19:  19-23 rounds
.40 S&W:  17-21 rounds

Price: Priced from $3475.00