Caliber: 9x19, 38 Super Comp Weight (empty): 43.8 oz Bbl Length: 5” Overall Length: 10.5’’ Capacity:

9x19:  20-29 rounds
.38 Super Comp:  21-30 rounds

Price: Priced from $4675.00

5” Open Gun

Here at Cameron’s Custom Guns we pride ourselves in providing you with a firearm that  surpasses your highest expectations in reliability, accuracy, fit and finish.

Our open gun comes standard with a STI Trubor barrel blank with the compensator machine in house to our specifications. At the top of the slide and compensator we flat top and serrate it at twenty eight lines per inch. We also machine two ball nose end mill slots into the top of the slide to reduce weight and improve the cycling of the gun. For the cocking serration's we machine our own, which we cut at nineteen lines per inch in the rear of the slide. We also mill in, what we call a French ball cut along the flat of the slide and compensator. We also do the same French ball treatment to the bottom flat of the compensator to tie the two together and make the muzzle slightly lighter and faster to help in the swing of the firearm. We have found this slide lighting treatment and the modification to the compensator gives the firearm faster transitions times, spits and unmatched accuracy for the shooter looking to succeed in open division.

Each firearm is test fired before being sent out for hard chrome. This allows us to fully test the firearm for reliability, accuracy and functionality.  

Below is a detail list of the parts that we use exclusively in this firearm.

  • STI Standard Dustcover 2011 Frame
  • STI 5” Classic Slide
  • STI Trubor Barrel with Cameron’s Custom modified T2 compensator
  • One Piece guide rod with custom reverse plug
  • C-More Slide Ride scope, Standard swtitch, 6moa
  • Choice of Cameron's Custom Tru-Sight sideways or an Allchin traditional vertical scope mount
  • Aftec extractor tuned and polished
  • Long Ejector tuned for perfect ejection
  • Oversized firing pin stop
  • Extreme Engineering match tuned trigger group
  • Wilson Combat Hi-Ride Ambidextrous thumb safeties, perfectly blended to the frame
  • Ed Brown memory groove grip safety
  • Cameron's Custom BAM or Dawson Precision ICE magazine well in your choice of color
  • Choice of Ed Brown or Dawson Precision oversized magazine release button
  • Click Switch Slide Ride C-more available for an additional $30.00
  • Aluminum Slide Ride Click C-More available for an additional $100.00
  • Hard Chrome finish available for an additional $250.00