The Cameron’s Custom Guns Shooting Team!

We at Cameron's Custom Guns took great thought behind choosing our shooting team.  When choosing a shooter to represent our company, we didn't just look at their shooting skill.  Their shooting skill wasn't our top priority.  We pay attention on how the shooter represents themselves on and off the range.  We wanted shooters that are easy to approach, talk to and who wanted to have fun!  Please welcome the Cameron's Custom Guns shooting team!

Eddie Garcia

I started shooting eleven years ago.  A good friend Will Smith took me under his wing to show me the finer points of shooting.  Will showed me almost everything I know today about shooting.

Lisa Munson

I began shooting Smallbore Rifle (NRA 4-position) in high school.

Debbie Keehart

Though Debbie’s early years began in Southern California with pretty dresses and a little purple bicycle, don’t let her dainty stature fool you into thinking she is a prissy little thing.  Besides the flowered basket on that bicycle, she also had a fierce firearm.  You know, one that shot the cork out the end tied to a string!  And a Daisy BB gun.  Ok, fierce for a 9 year old girl!

Steve Shroufe

I have a seventeen-year background in law enforcement.  For the last ten of those years, I have had the pleasure of being an Arizona POST firearms instructor.  I also have seven years of experience as an entry unit member, sniper and team leader for the SWAT team.