Bali, Indonesia 2008

  • 5th Lady with 2 stage wins - Standard Division

 Guayaquil, Ecuador 2005

  • Gold Medal - Ladies Team Member - Standard Division
  • 6th Lady Individual with Stage wins (1) 1st place, (2) 2nd place, (2) 3rd place

 Pietersburg, South Africa 2002

  • Ladies Champion - Production Division

 Cebu, Philippines 1999

  • Ladies Champion - Standard Division

 Brasilia, Brazil 1996

  • 3rd Lady - Standard Division

 USPSA Nationals Recent Years:

  • 2009 5th Lady - Limited 10 Division      
  • 2008 3rd Lady - Production Division
  • 2007 3rd Lady - Production Division     
  • 2006 2nd Lady - Limited 10 Division
  • 2005 3rd Lady - Production Division      
  • 2004 3rd Lady - Production Division & Women’s Shoot-off Champion
USPSA Area Matches:
  • 2009 Ladies Champion - Limited Division
  • 2005-2008 2nd Lady - Limited Division
  • 2004 Ladies Champion - Production Division
  • 2000-2003 Ladies Champion - Limited Division

Debbie Keehart

Though Debbie’s early years began in Southern California with pretty dresses and a little purple bicycle, don’t let her dainty stature fool you into thinking she is a prissy little thing.  Besides the flowered basket on that bicycle, she also had a fierce firearm.  You know, one that shot the cork out the end tied to a string!  And a Daisy BB gun.  Ok, fierce for a 9 year old girl!

Today instead of the purple bicycle and the lever action BB gun, Deb carries a Cameron’s Custom Built 1911 style .40 caliber semi-auto pistol that’s of course.....purple!

Debbie has been shooting competitive action pistol aka USPSA/IPSC style shooting for nearly 18 years. She is as enthusiastic about the sport today as she was after her first big competition all those years ago!

Starting out with a model 66 Smith & Wesson 3" revolver, Deb took her first title “Top Snubby” at the very first IRC (International Revolver Championship) back in 1992.

Quickly moving to Semi-auto pistols, Debbie discovered the thrill of high capacity shooting and the speed at which one could shoot a semi-auto!!  Thus her shooting career was born!

I feel very fortunate for the support I’ve been given thus far in my career.  Now I’m extremely blessed to be a member of the Cameron’s/STI Team!  With their support, I have a new higher level of excitement over the possibilities ahead of me!!

Thank you Cameron’s and Thank you STI!