Northern Arizona Classic

  • 2nd Overall Limited 

Single Stack Nationals

  • 25th overall 

Western States Single Stack

  • 8th overall 


Area 2

  • 5th Overall Limited 

USPSA Limited 10 Nationals

  • 11th overall 

Single Stack Nationals

  • 18th overall 

Western States Single Stack

  • 6th overall 


Limited 10 Nationals

  • 15th overall 

Area 2

  • 7th Limited 






Steve Shroufe

I have a seventeen year background in law enforcement.  For the last ten of those years, I have had the pleasure of being an Arizona POST firearms instructor.  I also have seven years of experience as an entry unit member, sniper and team leader for the SWAT unit.  During these years I became involved in USPSA matches.  Through USPSA competition, I am able to bring my shooting skills from law enforcement to the range to improve those skills.  I enjoy meeting the wide variety of people who participate in USPSA shooting, whether they are novices or grand masters and I learn something new every time that I compete.